Golf Rx Podcast on GolfDashBlog

Most of us here at Golf Rx would love to talk your ear off about prescription golf eyewear if only given the opportunity. We could talk about performance, health and safety, about the uniqueness of our lens work and all the prescription lens styles and combos we can come up with. If only somebody would ask…

Yesterday that opportunity arrived from Doug and our friends over at Golf Dash Blog who hosted us as the first guest in a series of podcasts featuring ideas and products to help deliver peak performance on the course. Optician and Golf Rx manager Kyle Ross spoke with Doug about a variety of golf eyewear related topics, including an interesting discussion on how binocular vision and balance interact during a swing, as well as exploring the muscle fatigue that comes after hours of squinting and how it affects your game.

Listen to the full podcast here: Golf Rx podcast on Golf Dash Blog.

Polarized Lenses for Golf

Review – GolfDash Blog

An awesome article was just released on GolfDash Blog profiling Golf Rx, the work we do and the need for it. Read the full article here: GolfDash Blog – Golf Rx Review.

The article is thorough and well-researched and does a sincere credit to any golfer dealing with eyewear issues, prescription or non-prescription. GolfDash Blog tags themselves as being “dedicated to improving your game with great golf deals, golf news, golf reviews and no BS golf commentary.” It’s rare to have eyewear treated without BS. It’s a flaw of the industry that the science and optics are buried beneath layer after layer of marketing speak and insurance upselling. Here, GolfDash Blog does an excellent job of getting to the heart of the issue and bringing some genuine talk to Rx eyewear for golf. We’re glad they chose to give us the time and space to explain who we are and what we do here at Golf Rx.