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A golfing sunglass frame should be comfortable and lightweight, leaving you to focus on your shot. Your round will keep you in the sun for a few hours, and your prescription golf sunglasses should be a source of protection, not a distraction. The right frame should:

– Feel good and fit right.All of our frames have different sizes, fits and lens shapes so that you can find the one that works best for you.

– Open-bottom styles allow for a bit more ventilation, and most golfers prefer these styles because they allow for a clearer field of view as you’re addressing the ball. It is, of course, a matter of personal preference.

– No matter the style, all of the frames we feature offer the lens shape and curvature to provide the protection a golfer needs, and each is tested by us on the course (a tough job) to ensure they meet our standards of performance, comfort and durability.


Our custom, prescription golf lenses are handcrafted right here in our shop in Colorado.

– Optically, we use proprietary formulas to adjust your prescription to the curvature of a sport lens and to give you the sharpest visual acuity possible.

– We can make lenses in many styles, whether it’s distance vision only, or progressives and lined bifocals that will help you see the pin, your scorecard and the ball at your feet all in one lens.

– Our lenses are made of high-index polycarbonate and are as thin, lightweight and safe as possible.

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