Drambuie Ice Golf Championships from LinkedGolfers.com

The Coldest Fairway

I came across this fascinating article on LinkedGolfers.com about the Drambuie World Ice Golf Championships in Greenland and the various sanctioned and non-sanctioned shenanigans that comprise the coldest golf event in the world. Written and experienced by Sean Kelly, it’s a great piece of travel writing that happens to be about golf.

If you’re not familiar with Linked Golfers you should be, or you soon will be. It’s a golf website with an appreciation for experience and culture delivered with more grit, honesty and humor than many other sites, and the result is refreshing and engaging.
Mr. Kelly produces a lot of the articles and content in a strong voice that examines various aspects of the contemporary golf world from travel to notable influencers to gear to community-building. The site also has an appreciation for gear that is developed with an eye on intense quality and attention to detail rather than marketing. Perhaps Golf Rx might one day earn their examination.