Welcome to Golf Rx

Welcome to Golf Rx, the golfing division of Sports Optical. My name is Kyle. I’m an optician at Sports Optical, a golfer and tennis player, and the guy who manages our blog posts. I’m here to give some real, authentic advice on what goes into a pair of prescription golf glasses, but I want to begin by explaining who we are and what we do.

Sports Optical has been a pioneer in the prescription sport optics industry since the mid-nineties. We were the first to have the ambition to craft prescription lenses in curved-format sport frames, and we were the first to do it well. The premise is simple; we take a prescription intended for a flat lens and adjust it to adapt to the curvature, angle, shape, etc. of a sport lens with the goal of providing distortion-free optics and fully-functional peripheral vision. The application is more difficult. The optical formulas are extremely nuanced, the measurements require great precision, the tools and materials are always evolving and often at fault, the entire process is frustrating and it is, ultimately, quite difficult to execute on a consistent basis. Sound like anything you know?

But this is what we do. We’ve devoted the past twenty years to crafting the best prescription sport lenses in the world, and by many accounts, we’ve absolutely succeeded. We’re proud to have a customer base that spans the world, we’ve had articles and 5-star reviews written about us in publications across a variety of sports and industries, and in our storefront in Denver we welcome folks who travel long distances just to visit us. However, while we’ve been making glasses for golfers for years, we’ve finally gotten around to creating a website devoted purely to the game we all love and hate and persist at. For prescription golf glasses, you can now turn to Golf Rx.

Future posts will discuss a variety of topics, from frames and lenses best suited to certain light conditions and climates, to the glasses worn by Tour professionals, to my recent experience on the course. For today, I’m pleased to open our doors, thank you for visiting.